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Brony Gould

Branxton, NSW, Australia

Being a Bible Study group leader studying Revelations this year, I was a bit apprehensive, until I listened to Shane’s lectures, which made the whole book very understandable, by putting everything in Biblical context. He does not go into private interpretations which is so refreshing. I highly recommend everyone listen to these lectures.

Bryan Champ

Connections Minister - Cedar Ridge Christian Church (Broken Arrow, OK)

If you are looking for some of the best resources on the book of Revelation, look no further. Shane’s resources help take a book that is often misunderstood and neglected and brings clarity and application for the church today. With the help of Shane and his resources our congregation enjoyed our largest Wednesday night attendance in years.

Aaron Brockett

Lead Pastor - Traders Point Christian Church (Whitestown, IN)

“The thing I appreciate most about [] is how all of the material is presented through the lens of ministry to real people in the real world. There is much you can find here that will satisfy the mind of the academic; yet it is all incredibly practical and intended to lead people closer to Jesus.”

Stace Swift-Schaepman

Branxton, NSW, Australia

Considering I was about to start a year long intensive BSF study on Revelation…I couldn’t wait to listen to it. Boy was I absolutely BLOWN AWAY by this teaching! This teaching though, I HAVE to say, is NOTHING like I have ever ever heard before. I was only ever exposed to the ‘scary’ ‘futurist’ approach, which was incredibly hard to understand. The way Shane teaches, makes an incredible amount of sense, is humble and 100% biblical, practical and is SOOO much easier to understand Revelation. I am extremely more confident in my faith now and in sharing about Revelation. I’m Really THANKFUL God has brought this to my attention in perfect timing! God has truly blessed Shane with understanding Revelation and also with teaching ability. Thank you.

Barry Rhoads

Indianapolis, IN

Since finding Shane’s website, he has astonished me virtually every day by the jewels he has unpacked from the Bible! Shane Wood, through his teaching and preaching, has broadened my view of our broken Christian community from the earliest followers of Christ in the first century to the present day. Shane takes you from the shallows of God’s Word and dives to a depth deeper than you have ever been before and there opens the treasures God has in store for us as believers. I personally can’t express my appreciation enough for bringing into focus more clearly our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thanks Shane for making HIM more famous!

Bryan Davis

Joplin, MO

“I was put on church discipline when I was 38 years old, and had never thought that theology mattered….I dug deep into my Bible and was searching desperately for answers on issues from creation to consummation. I do not remember how I heard about Shane’s website, but needless to say, he had a whole series on the book of Revelation and I was hooked, not to mention that almost every class that he has taught since being at Ozark have been recorded and are available for free! I could probably babble on for hours about the blessings I have seen in my life just from true exegesis that is available from this website.”

Rick Atchley

Senior Teacher - The Hills Church (North Richland Hills, TX)

“What I appreciate about Shane is that his scholarship is deeply theological yet highly accessible. His resources have been a great aid to my study, and I am grateful that they are available to bless all who love God’s Word.”