The Alter-Imperial Paradigm: Empire Studies & the Book of Revelation (Brill, 2016)

Many assume the book of Revelation is merely an anti-imperial attack on the Roman Empire. Yet, Shane J. Wood argues this conclusion over-exaggerates Rome’s significance and, thus, misses Revelation’s true target–the construction of the alter-empire through the destruction of the preeminent adversary: Satan. Applying insights from Postcolonial criticism and ‘Examinations of Dominance,’ this monograph challenges trajectories of New Testament Empire Studies by developing an Alter-Imperial paradigm that appreciates the complexities between the sovereign(s) and subject(s) of a society beyond simply rebellion “or” acquiescence. Shane J. Wood analyses Roman propaganda, Jewish interaction with the Flavians, and Domitianic persecution to interpret Satan’s release (Rev 20:1-10) as the climax of God’s triumphal procession. Thus, Rome provides the imagery; Eden provides the target.
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The Book of Revelation: Currents in British Research on the Apocalypse (Mohr Siebeck, 2015)

This volume represents the diverse range of research interests in the Book of Revelation operative in current British research, examining questions of genre, structure, composition,scriptural reuse, exegesis, thematic issues, and reception history. This collection, from a distinguished and diverse group of senior and junior scholars, is accessible to a broad range of readers, and is relevant for a number of critical conversations pertaining not only to the Apocalypse, but also to broader avenues of discourse in New Testament and Early Christian studies. This volume includes articles by: Shane J. Wood, Richard Bauckham, Ian Paul, Christopher Rowland, Ian Boxall, Steve Moyise, and more.Buy Now


Dragons, John, and Every Grain of Sand: Essays on the Book of Revelation (College, 2011)

The Book of Revelation can be confusing. When you open its pages, you are surrounded by a world full of beasts, dragons, angels, demons and even a slain lamb. So how do you make sense of these images? How do you handle this book full of difficult passages? Moreover, how do you apply a book so shrouded in mystery to the everyday lives of followers of Jesus? In this engaging book, nineteen different authors from around the world utilize their areas of expertise to explore general themes, difficult passages and points of application in the book of Revelation. Authors include: Craig A. Evans, Craig L. Blomberg, I. Howard Marshall, Paul J. Kissling, Yulia Lubenets, Otniel Ioan Bunaciu, Shane J. Wood, Mark E. Moore, Tony Twist, and more.
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